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25th August 2011

12:42am: Help Ulises travel!
Buy original Art! New pages for sale every week, check out this week's batch! $95 and a free print included. New pages being updated tomorrow!


13th January 2011

7:05am: GIANT ROBOT 2 Show
Hey, if anyone is available the 15th, in LA. Please come by for my opening at Giant Robot 2. I'd love to see you, and hopefully meet some of my LJ friends as well. Check it out!


30th December 2010

10:51pm: Rejected ZUDA comic
Remember ZUDA Comics!? Well, i tried it out, but it was ultimately rejected. Just in time too, it shut down a few months later. This is the complete 8 page comic i submitted! Never before seen!

Read the rest!Collapse )

24th October 2010

6:46pm: Savage Dragon #164 !

27th August 2010

3:52am: Wolverine Vs. the Xenomorphs
This was a commission i recieved just a few weeks ago, i think it came out pretty great. Hope you like it!

17th August 2010

1:38am: Sometimes i give up
Here is a drawing, that halfway through, even halfway inked, i just didnt like anymore. So i just stopped. This happens more often than you would think. I found this drawing today, and decided to color the part i liked. Take a look see.



12th August 2010

3:43am: Lego DOCTOR WHO!!

The Ninth Doctor was the hardest to draw. But K-9 was the most fun, and i like the Adipose as minifig a lot. This would be a cool theme for Lego to make.

30th July 2010

8:30pm: Newest work!!!

This Iron Man drawing, is for a landscapes project i have in mind, starting september. Stay tuned for more!
And this here, is a fun Yo Gabba Gabba drawing, i did for fun. Check it out!

29th June 2010


The Flash tells an inappropiate joke...Aquaman overhears it and feels offended. Ultraboy gets wasted, and Dr.Fate loves the NIN.
And then Brainiac attacked.

11th May 2010

5:35am: Gotham Go Go GO!
42 x 10 in! Biggest drawing ever!!! over 20 characters! Can you identify them all!?

29th March 2010

12:17am: Batman is a hoarder

After losing his parents, he's unable to let go of any material possessions, forever staying a emotionally stunted man-child playboy as Bruce Wayne, and a seething obsessive compulsive angry monster as Batman.

15th March 2010

6:54pm: Batman vs. Superman
The one thing i always hate in these arguments are the "But if this was a REAL fight," which is silly since you're discussing fictional characters. So you actually have to place the fight on the character terms. Batman wins, not because he's better prepared, but because his character is fundamentally presupposed to win. His character is that he has to face impossible obstacles constantly:

1. fight crime in a perpetually corrupt city, which as a function of story telling, literally never gets better. So 20 years in, or 40 years in, Batman's job has not made anything better. But, he can't stop. He's pretty much sisyphus in spandex.

2. he also must combat epic-level dangers, and be able to hold his own and be a leader to super powered characters. And since he's right next to very powerful characters, he can't be shown as weak, so he's developed this meta-power of always being prepared.

Since his existence is one of perpetual struggle - victory - struggle, if he lost, it'd undo his character completely.

But Superman is almost the opposite. He's not a human cursed with a literary hell on earth, and remaining just sane enough to call himself human, he's an alien who's godlike, masquerading as a human. So, he must constantly be humbled, defeated, and rise again. Which is messianic in it's nature, which is what the character represents. So when Superman confronts Batman, he loses, but loses until he realises he shouldnt be fighting Batman anyway. Pitted against each other, they must fulfill their character arcs, so Batman wins, continues in hell, Superman loses and returns to heaven.

Its perfectly reflected in their cities, and enemies. Batman lurks in the dark wet Gotham fighting demonic villains (twoface, joker, killer croc) whereas Superman flies above the skies of sunny metropolis fighting Lex Luthor (A god among men) Darkseid (a literal New God) and Mxyplyzyk (A 5th dimensional God).

So Batman wins, cause he's written to. But his life sucks in the long run.

Superman loses, but he gains in humanity.

23rd February 2010

3:30am: weird drawing for my boss
my boss asked me to draw him something for a commission. This is what he asked for, "I want like all kinds of stuff, but in your style, but i definitely want a hot girl, but tasteful y'know? And like dolphins and SPACE!" This was as detailed as i could get. Here is what i drew.

18th February 2010

3:34am: my girlfriend's birthday present
I made this for my gf, its based on an earlier drawing. Her belly contains a working LED, show she really shines like a firefly :D.

27th January 2010

2:23am: the punisher is unaffected by the H8 Bomb

Tell me what you find!

13th January 2010

3:05am: Sunrise in Dead Gotham
A world without people is a world without crime.

A world without people is a world without hope.

7th January 2010

2:09pm: LEGO Star Trek

14th December 2009

2:11am: Wonder Girl

8th December 2009

2:56am: Batman in the style of Katsuhiro Otomo
the artist of Akira

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